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Clove Stem Oil

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Clove stem oil is a light brown liquid with the active ingredients of Phenol content 92% - 95% and Caryophyllene 3% - 4%. It is used both in hospital by dentist or at home for muscular relive and toothache.

How to use: For muscular pains: Take 5ml of Clove oil and mix with 10ml of coconut oil, then apply the mixture by using a piece of cotton on the congested parts. Directions for uses on toothache: Soak a piece of cotton and insert it into the cavity of various teeth.

Caution: Avoid contact with your eyes when it used. It is strongly advised that the quantity recommended for uses should not be exceeded. Keep the bottle properly and far away from the children (Avoid the oil to come in contact with your eye when it used)