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Cinnamon Leaf Oil

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Cinnamon leaf oil is a pale-yellow liquid with a sweet, warm spicy, dry powerful aroma. It contains Eugenol 70% - 75%, Eugenol acetate 6% - 8% and Cinnamaldehyde 2% - 4%. It is amongst the most powerful natural antiseptic. Cinnamon leaf oil is used extensively for flavoring in cooking and beverages. 

It’s also used as a medicine such as an infection fighter, to ease arthritis pain, as a mosquito repellent etc. Traditionally, it is used as a stimulating agent; it’s used to stimulate digestion and blood circulation systems.

How to use: For flavoring in cooking and beverage: Use a drop of Cinnamon leaf oil in every kilogram of wheat and also use a drop of Cinnamon leaf oil in every litre of juice, tea, honey or even drinking water. For an infection fighter: Dilute Cinnamon leaf oil with clean water and use the dilution for mouth wash and gargle to treat throat infection or other mouth sores.
To ease arthritis pain: Because of its heat generating and anti-inflammatory properties, Cinnamon leaf oil can be applied topically to ease arthritis symptoms. Dilute a little quantity of oil with a cream or lotion and rub into the joints or apply in a diluted form to a towel or bandage and wrap around the arthritic area.

Caution: Always test a small amount first for sensitivity or allergic reaction. The oil should not be applied direct to the skin, must be diluted before used. Do not apply to the face or sensitive areas. If a pregnant woman or under a doctor care consult your physician prior applicable (before using) Keep the bottle properly and far away from the children